Joe Marler has got revenge on James Haskell - and it's brilliant - Ruck

Joe Marler has got revenge on James Haskell – and it’s brilliant

In a battle for sales, Marler took to hiding his former teammates book last week after ‘Loose Head: Confessions of an (un)professional rugby player‘ and ‘What a flanker‘ both hit the shelves.

The clip from social media was seriously funny and quickly went viral across Twitter!

Haskell then got revenge on his former international colleague by heading to the bookstore himself and putting stickers on Marler’s book.

However, Marler has quickly responded as only he would as their autobiography war rages on.

The brilliant nicknames Joe Marler has given teammates in his autobiography

1. Joe Launchbury (Slosh, Sloshbucket, or Biscuit)

“He has the biggest arse in world rugby – and was forever knocking things over.”

2. James Haskell (The Unflushable Turd, Rig City)

“Despite being embroiled in a number of off-the-pitch controversies over the years and falling foul of various regimes, the unflushable turd has repeatedly bounced back.”


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