Joe Marler shares his view on World Rugby's radical law changes - Ruck

Joe Marler shares his view on World Rugby’s radical law changes

World Rugby have compiled a study calling for major law changes to deal with COVID-19, including an end to reset scrums and team huddles.

It will have major ramifications to the sport at every level. Their findings include the following changes:

  1. Team huddles would be outlawed
  2. Players required to change kit and headgear at half-time
  3. Players MUST wash their hands and face with soap for 20 seconds before kick-off and then during the interval
  4. Match balls are changed and cleaned frequently
  5. Banishing reset scrums is one of the key conclusions (award of a free-kick against the infringing side)
  6. The elimination of upright and choke tackles

The rugby world has been reacting to the suggestions, including England prop Joe Marler, who simply laughed at the idea.

Here’s how other fans have reacted to the news.


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