John Barclay: ‘We believe we can beat England’ - Ruck

John Barclay: ‘We believe we can beat England’

Scotland skipper John Barclay believes the national side can truly achieve something in this year’s Six Nations ahead of facing England.

“We started the Championship really well at home against Ireland, we were quite disappointed in France,” he told the Six Nations website.


“We believe we can do something with this group and we are not just saying that. We have come here and recovered from a poor first half to build a nice score and beat a very good Welsh side.

“I am not going to make any big predictions but we have beaten Ireland who are a very good team and we have beaten Wales who are a very good team too so we go to England for the next game. As a group, if we work hard, we genuinely believe we can win games.

“We believe (we can beat England) yes.

“We will have a look at them, if we play well we can. If we play like we did in the first half or against France we will have no chance.”

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