Jonathan ‘Jiffy’ Davies physique aged 61 is incredible, he's still a beast - Ruck

Jonathan ‘Jiffy’ Davies physique aged 61 is incredible, he’s still a beast

These retired rugby players put us 20- and 30-somethings to shame when it comes to fitness.

Of course, there’s the excuse that not having to train on a daily basis is a reason for failing to maintain the shape they were in during their playing days. However, there are some that give the impression they have retired too early.

Over the past decade or so, rugby fans across the globe have had to say goodbye to a number of players who decided it was time to hang up their boots and focus their attentions on a new career, thus paving the way for the next generation.

Coaching and or punditry is the most popular choice among many ex-pros after calling it a day. Some don’t permanently stay away from the action completely as you’ll often see many feature in charity games which they are usually the best player and sail through 80 minutes as if they were back playing the professional game.

With that said, here are five retired players who are definitely still fitter than you.

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1. Jonathan Davies – 61

Less Guinness and more hard work has seen the former Wales star transform himself during lockdown. He looks incredible!

2. Will Greenwood – 51

The former England centre has shared a photo of his current physique and it’s impressive to say the least!

3. Matt Dunning – 45

Since retiring from rugby union the prophas lost a staggering 40kg, dropping from 25 per cent body fat to just 11 per cent. What an incredible weight loss with the Aussie undoubtedly in the shape of his life.

4. Richie McCaw – 43

Since hanging up his boots in 2015, McCaw has become obsessed with ultra-hardcore marathons, and he has needed to shift a lot of that weight to give him a speed advantage.

5. Phil Vickery – 48

The World Cup-winning prop has transformed his body since hanging up his boots. Vickery, who won the 2011 series of Celebrity Masterchef, has recently opened his new Cheltenham restaurant, No.3, after the Coronavirus pandemic delayed first orders. He’s literally half the man he used to be.


Notably, a striking facet of Owens’ chosen players is their collective leadership qualities, with the majority of the selected individuals having served as captains for their respective nations.

Fullback: Israel Folau (Australia)

Owens said: “For me, it’s nip and tuck between Halfpenny and Folau, next to nothing to choose between them. Leigh is brilliant because under the high ball and with his kicking at goal under pressure. He may not always break the line when running but puts his body on the line in defence and is a top-notch match-winner.

“But I go for Folau – only just, I should stress – because of his ability to seemingly beat his man every time he gets the ball in his hand. He’s such an exciting player and like Leigh he is one of the best under the high ball.

“It’s a toss of a coin for me… and it’s come down in Folau’s favour.”

Winger: Stuart Hogg (Scotland)

Owens said: “How can you fail to be impressed when watching Hogg play. He’s so exciting as he burst into that line and, of course, was named Six Nations player of the tournament.

“I know he’s a full-back for Scotland, but he is so quick and direct he could easily play on the wing. He reminds me a bit of Shane Williams with some of the things he does.

“When you see who is on the other wing in my team, you’ll see how they would work brilliantly in tandem.”

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Outside-centre: Brian O’Driscoll (Ireland)

Owens said: “Not only is he one of the greatest centres in the history of rugby union but he’s a fantastic man off the field as well. O’Driscoll has been a wonderful ambassador for the sport and a real leader. He always respected referees and set the right example for others to follow.

“A legend of the game who conducted himself superbly, on and off the pitch.”

Inside-centre: Ma’a Nonu (New Zealand)

Owens said: “He’s another brilliant player and after every game, win or lose, he would come up and give me a hug. Ma’a has always found time at after-match functions or at breakfast if we’ve been staying at the same hotel to come over and have a chat.

“What a player, mind, too. One of the stalwarts of the New Zealand side for so many years.”

Winger: Shane Williams (Wales)

Owens said: “When people ask me who is the best player I have refereed it’s pretty much an impossible task to pick one because I’ve been lucky enough to take charge of so many greats.

“But if I’m pushed, I would pick Shane for what he achieved after coming from football at 17 or 18 years of age.

“He was in the mould of Gerald Davies in how he left defenders gasping for air as he beat them with those dazzling sidesteps. Nobody would fancy defending against a back three of Shane, Hogg and Folau, I can tell you that.”