Jonny May reveals the strange advice Eddie Jones gave him pre-Italy

Jonny May returned to the England starting XV to face Italy at Twickenham yesterday, but he was given a bit of odd advice by coach Eddie Jones before the game.

Jones told the electric pace machine to shave his beard in order to run faster as it would make him look “sharper” – assisting him in his mission to score lots of tries:

“I made him have a shave last night as he had a thick beard and it made him look slow.


“He’s quick now.

“[I’ve asked him to score] tries and plenty of them. We want to play with real pressure and intent, and we want Italy to feel that every time they have the ball, they don’t want it. And then at the end of the game, we want the ball.”

The advice, unfortunately, didn’t get May any tries on the day with his replacement, Jack Nowell, scoring two.

What’s that on Nowell’s face? Never underestimate the power of a beard.
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