Julian Savea's wife hits back as fans abuse former All Black - Ruck

Julian Savea’s wife hits back as fans abuse former All Black

Julian Savea’s outspoken wife has hit out at spiteful Toulon fans attacking the struggling former All Black on social media.

“Take a minute to think about how your words can affect someone’s life and their mental health,” Fatima Savea tweeted.

“And people wonder why mental health in rugby had become a big problem. Take a minute to be considerate of people’s feelings instead of bashing them behind a keyboard or phone screen.”

She suggested Savea’s form problems weren’t all his own doing.

“With rugby you are only as good as your team is. It’s not an individual sport it’s a team sport and sometimes you can be let down by your team,” she said.

“But that shouldn’t give anyone the right to ridicule a player and their livelihood because no one knows what these players go through on a daily basis and the struggles they face.”


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