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Law trials and minor law amendments set for 2016

With player welfare at the heart of the process, a number of minor amendments will come into effect in 2016 while a package of closed law trials announced in September get underway.
Here are some of the main changes RUCK identified.
1. Kickoff may take place after a try has been scored before the 80th minute
2. Play should continue if the ball travels forward because of a rip or deliberate ball-strike
3. A conversion kick can be declined & replaced with a kickoff at the end of half-time or full-time
4. A line-out, scrum or quick throw can be taken if the ball went into touch via a knock-on or forward throw
5. Play acting or “simulation” will be specifically outlawed in the game in a move that formalises resistance to a practice that has been creeping into the game in recent years.
A full list of rule changes and amendments can be found here… http://www.worldrugby.org/news/129899

2 Responses

  1. bill

    Those are only minor law changes which will only have a marginal effect on the game.
    We need more radical law changes to improve rugby as a spectacle and encourage running with the ball in hand, instead of sterile penalty kick games
    I want to see the ball going straight down the tunnel at the scrum and not fed into the second rows. It shouldn’t be too difficult as this is already a law and only needs referees to interpret it correctly.Also a free kick awarded for collapse of scrum rather than a penalty. This will keep the front rows honest and prevent the result of games relying on kicks. Also it will take away the referee’s interpretation being the deciding factor of games.
    Also the onus should be put on the ball being moved away from the scrum when it is at the base instead of letting teams continue to push to get a penalty, unless the attacking team are going for a pushover try from 5m.
    The purpose of a scrummage is to get the game moving after a breakdown not as a means for winning penalties. Refs and in particular Assistant Refs making judgements as to which prop brought a scrummage down are ludicrous they haven’t a clue and their judgements are arbitary at best.

    1. Joy

      I fully agree,the game must improve to survive.I get so tired of the kicking game! Let’s get back to basics and RUNNNN the ball as of old!