Law trials and minor law amendments set for 2016 - Ruck

Law trials and minor law amendments set for 2016

With player welfare at the heart of the process, a number of minor amendments will come into effect in 2016 while a package of closed law trials announced in September get underway.
Here are some of the main changes RUCK identified.
1. Kickoff may take place after a try has been scored before the 80th minute
2. Play should continue if the ball travels forward because of a rip or deliberate ball-strike
3. A conversion kick can be declined & replaced with a kickoff at the end of half-time or full-time
4. A line-out, scrum or quick throw can be taken if the ball went into touch via a knock-on or forward throw
5. Play acting or “simulation” will be specifically outlawed in the game in a move that formalises resistance to a practice that has been creeping into the game in recent years.
A full list of rule changes and amendments can be found here…
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