Lawrence Dallaglio names his all-time England XV – and there’s no Back or Tindall

England legend Lawrence Dallaglio has selected his all-time XV for the men in white in The Times.

A number of big names miss out, with Mike Tindall, Neil Back and Ben Kay among the absentees.

Read on to see Lawrence Dallaglio’s all-time England XV.

15 MATT PERRY: I liked Matt Perry at full-back. Great positional sense, dependable under the high ball, unbelievably courageous and talented. Plus, I believed Jason Robinson’s best position was wing

14 JASON ROBINSON: There are occasions when you don’t have to justify your opinion. As for Jason’s best position being the wing, think back to his skinning of Chris Latham for the Lions in 2001 and his ability in a tight channel

13 JEREMY GUSCOTT: Jerry had a way of gliding into space that we haven’t seen in England since he stopped playing. Beautifully balanced runner with so much natural talent


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