"Learning to walk again" - Tom Curry's return date is unknown after major surgery - Ruck

“Learning to walk again” – Tom Curry’s return date is unknown after major surgery

Tom Curry has disclosed information about the “significant” hip injury that necessitated extensive surgery to preserve his career as a flanker for Sale and England.

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Per a report in The Telegraph this morning, he opted against the insertion of a metal hip, a solution akin to what tennis star Andy Murray underwent.

“We thought it was tight hip flexors, but the time it took to play the games got less and less,” Curry said in an interview with Sharks TV, Sale’s in-house media channel.

“I came back and tried to play for Sale and couldn’t really do that so we had it scanned, and found out that there was an arthritic change within the hip; labrum and cartilage tears.

“The radiologist’s report was a long list, a bit of a car crash. But the surgeon went in and was very happy when we came out which gave me a lot of confidence.”

Curry explained that the absence of a set deadline for his return was intended to avoid adding additional pressure to an already complex recovery journey, which has involved relearning fundamental movements such as walking and running.

“It has been pretty relaxed,” he said. “In terms of coming back to play, I still don’t really know. It is day by day. If you take a step and your hip feels bad, your mood goes down. If you do that and your hip feels good, your mood goes up. 

“So it is about trying to get rid of all that stuff and keeping it as simple as possible.

“The main thing is to start the running mechanics again. We have been focussing on the strength of the muscle but now it is about being able to use that within the range. We have done stretching but it is about almost teaching yourself to run again – even teaching yourself to walk again.

“Every week it just gets better.”

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