Lions member of staff shoved and abused by drunk fan

Lions member of staff shoved and abused by drunk fan

British and Irish Lions tour manager John Spencer was shoved and abused in an Auckland restaurant, the team said on Friday

Media reports said an “aggressive” man directed abusive language at Spencer and shoved him. The former England captain pushed the man away and asked to be left alone.

“I spoke to John. It’s an isolated incident. It’s a disappointing incident,” assistant Lions coach Rob Howley said.

“Since we’ve been in New Zealand we’ve had a fantastic welcome. Unfortunately in sport there’s always a minority. It’s not the majority. The experiences we’ve had in the last six weeks, it’s been quite unbelievable.

“It was only last night when we went out… there was a lot of Kiwis coming on to us, yes there was banter between New Zealand supporters and our own supporters, and us as well, that’s par for the course. But coming back to John, that’s an isolated incident.”

Spencer was said to have been at a table with his wife and a family friend at the time.

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