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LIST: 5 epic rugby union spats on Twitter

2. Tom Wood & Dave Ward

Tom Wood became embroiled in a Twitter dispute with Harlequins hooker Dave Ward over comments he made regarding the England captaincy following the disastrous 2015 Rugby World Cup campaign.

The Northampton Saints back-row admitted that should he be offered the chance to succeed Robshaw, he would step up to the task to lead his country.

“Reading @tomwood678 article in the Mail, with friends like that who needs enemies? How about the 47 pens you gave against Wales?” Ward posted on Twitter.

Wood responded: “What exactly has upset u? You seem to have acquired a stronger voice since our last chat?”

Ward answered: “Voice has always been strong just know when 2 use it. I can teach u sometime if you want, kicking a man when he’s down is never the 1.”

Wood responded: “Direct message me ur [sic] number so we can have a chat. Who’s been kicked? What article? Ring me and stop talking tough on here.”

Rather than meet Wood’s demands, Ward posted a video of him turning over Wood during a match between Quins and Saints, and added the message: “Lesson 1 how to turn the ball over.”

Wood ended the conversation by posting: “Ok that’s enough. I’m assuming your account has been hacked or you’ve lost a bet #no bottle.”

Ward went on to delete his tweets, before adding that he is “old enough to know better”.