LIST | 5 Things to Know About England Winger Jonny May

Here are five things you didn’t know about England’s star winger Jonny May. Some of them might surprise you…

1. Strange rumour

May had to respond to the rather strange rumour that he used to think he was possessed by a chicken.

The story emerged after Danny Care said: “Jonny is — in the nicest possible way — very strange. A few years back, he used to think he was possessed by a chicken! 

He used to go around clucking and thought this chicken demon was inside him. I don’t know whether it was an act or true — with Jonny you just never know.”

The England speedster has since gone onto respond to the story.

“It’s a bit silly isn’t it? I don’t think at any stage that has happened,” revealed May to the Guardian, blushing ever so slightly.


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