LIST: Famous rugby players who started out 'On the tools', including Guscott and Russell - Ruck

LIST: Famous rugby players who started out ‘On the tools’, including Guscott and Russell

A number of rugby players were once like us in the past…On the tools!

Whether before, during or after their careers, the players we worship on a Saturday afternoon’s bread and butter is sometimes earned away from the beautiful game.

So, here are our pick of the players that you probably didn’t know could turn their hand to a field that isn’t covered in grass and painted with white lines.

#1. Liam Williams (Scaffolder)

This is the picture that illustrates the heights Williams has scaled to reach international rugby, starting off as a scaffolder. It wasn’t work for the faint-hearted, with Williams rigging scaffolding “over the top of a blast furnace, 300 feet from the ground” back in Wales.