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List of top rugby cities: Leicester below Newcastle

ESPN and the University of Bath have collaborated for the fourth annual research project to discover the best place in the country to be a rugby fan.

Shockingly, Bath emerged as the top rugby union city for the second year in a row.

The city scored second highest in the value for money factor, which fans consistently rate as one of the most important elements of a great sporting city, and was also in the top five for community and participation.

Gloucester was ranked as the sixth best rugby city out of 18 in the UK, coming below Cardiff, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Leicester.

Top rugby cities
1 Bath
2 Cardiff
3 Edinburgh
4 Newcastle
5 Leicester
6 Gloucester
7 Exeter
8 London
9 Coventry
10 Bristol
11 Leeds
12 Nottingham
13 Swansea
14 Belfast
15 Manchester
16 Glasgow
17 Northampton
18 . Reading
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