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LIST | Stuart Barnes 10 most ridiculous quotes

Rugby commentator Stuart Barnes get a lot of stick, but he does nail a memorable quote every so often.

So here are our Top 10 best and most memorable Stuart Barnes moments.

Some are great while others are just funny, so if you want to add your own feel free to throw them in at the bottom!

1.“That’s dynamic, attacking rugby. And the result is three points.”

2. “It’s sunday. If you want to go to church, go there and worship Brian O’driscoll,”

3. On All Blacks captain Richie Mccaw: “Richie was one of the greatest referees of the 21st century,”

4. “He came from mozambique then, running from deep,”

5. From the 2011 RWC: “Australia without Pocock is like Hamlet without the prince,”

6. On Stade Francais’ jerseys: “You have to play well if you’re dressed like that,”

7. On Shane Williams: “It’s not his physical presence that makes him such a threat, it’s the magic in his boots,”

8. “You don’t need tries to win World Cups, just points,”

9. “Kurtley Beale is prowling, Brad Barritt is bleeding”

10. “Who is this team in white?” Stuart Barnes, in commentary on England’s rugby tour to Australia and New Zealand, playing with flair and enterprise, after winning the second Test in Sydney, England’s first international rugby victory in the southern hemisphere since the 2003 World Cup final.

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This isn’t a list of people we here at RUCK personally hate – although some of the people here are definitely off our Christmas card list – but rather who stir up opprobrium in the game.

10. Dylan Hartley

Swearing at referee’s, involving himself in scraps and eye gouging accusations have all led to the England hooker becoming one of the most vilified rugby players of the modern era. His reputation has somewhat recovered in recent years

9. Wayne Barnes 

Is a very good referee but gets under the skin of a lot of fans, especially of the Welsh persuasion.

8. Yoan Huget

– Stamping on players heads

– Gouging another player

-Faking injuries

– Generally being an absolute shithousenull