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LIST | The Top 10 WTF Rugby Moments of 2019

2019 has been quite the year! For this list, WatchMojo UK counts down the weirdest, most unexpected and most incredible rugby news stories of 2019.

1. Haskell smashed?

James Haskell was forced to respond to suggestions that he was drunk live on Sky Sports. 

Haskell tweeted: “I didn’t think I had to spell this out, but it appears I need to. I was not drunk, nor had I had a drop to drink working for Sky.

“It was a technical fault that altered my voice and what I was saying.  Its funny as hell. But the divs are out in force making insinuations.” he added

2.Fiji star being hit in the face isn’t funny, it’s absolutely HILARIOUS

Fiji replacement tighthead Manasa Saulo gets whacked on the head by a pass from Frank Lomani.

It was pretty funny to see him laugh about it and point to the big screen as they were getting ready for a scrum at the next phase

3. Joe Marler’s horse 

Get back on the horse’ is a cliché often trotted out by sports stars, but England prop Joe Marler has taken it to the next level in a bizarre interview.