“Long overdue change” – Three more much-needed rugby law changes for 2024 - Ruck

“Long overdue change” – Three more much-needed rugby law changes for 2024

Following in-depth conversations with several rugby experts, we have taken a decisive step forward, putting forth three innovative suggestions that could revolutionise the sport.

These proposed changes aim to bring about positive enhancements, ensuring a significant impact on the game while upholding its integrity and safeguarding against any potential misconduct.

Our thoughtful considerations have led us to advocate for alterations that not only elevate the overall rugby experience but also contribute to its sustained growth and appeal.

#1. Marking outside the 22

In the annals of the game, the fair catch rule, tracing its origins back to the very genesis of written laws in 1846, holds a storied legacy. Once a pivotal element, it has gradually receded into the shadows, its significance occasionally diminished.

In the bygone era, a mark could be asserted from any kick on the field. Gradually, restrictions crept in; certain kicks were exempt, confined only within your own 22 meters. Further modifications emerged, demanding the ball be propelled into your 22 by the opponents, untouched by your own side.

This evolution birthed the infamous box kick, a beloved tactic among scrum-halves, sometimes favoured over passing to the fly-half.

The essence of this change lies in discouraging excessive kicking, a move aimed at reshaping the very fabric of the game.

Freddie Steward of England Rugby challenges for the high ball with with Josh Adams of Wales and Alex Cuthbert of Wales during the Six Nations Championship match between England and Wales at Twickenham Stadium, Twickenham, London on February 26th 2021. – PHOTO: Phil Mingo/PPAUK