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“Magnificent” – Marcus Smith’s brother scores stunning solo try

It appears that Marcus Smith might soon have competition for the title of the family’s superstar, as viral footage captures the mesmerising moment when Luc Smith, his younger brother, scored a remarkable try from a distance of over 60 meters.

sslyn Park, Luc Smith showcased his prowess as he skillfully gathered the ball deep within his own half. Employing his distinctive double step, characteristic of the Smith family, he expertly penetrated the opposing defensive line.

Activating his afterburners, he surged past the covering defense and elegantly touched down in the corner.

Speaking about the influence he gains from his older brother, Luc said: “We still do kicking sessions together when he comes home or if I can get up to where he lives, so we still do those sessions quite frequently,” Smith adds. “He’s always open to giving me all the tips that he has learnt.

He is obviously working with some of the best coaches and players so he passes on that fine detail to me which helps a lot.

“More generally, after training and after games, I call him and ask him any questions I may have so that might be things which I think I can improve on or things which he thinks I can improve on.

“We sort of have an open dialogue and we always bounce ideas off each other. I am giving him feedback as well with his games! We are there to help each other.”

Scotland fly-half Finn Russell ‘signed a huge contract, earns more than double Marcus Smith

In an age where the sport’s financial allure dominates the headlines, there may be a few puzzled faces questioning how Bath successfully secured Russell’s position as the highest-earning player in global rugby.

Nevertheless, they’ve achieved the feat, and now Russell finds himself in the elite company of the top earners in the world of sports, comfortably mingling with the heavyweights atop rugby’s paycheck pyramid.

So, who else is in this exclusive club? Naturally, the details are as tightly guarded as a royal secret, but we’re dishing out the reported earnings of a few of rugby’s major moneymakers right here:


#5. Owen Farrell (Saracens)

The England captain inked an agreement to remain with Saracens in 2020, securing his tenure until at least the 2023 World Cup. Speculation had arisen earlier this year regarding a substantial new contract that could potentially reach approximately £820,000, though these reports lacked confirmation.

It had been disclosed previously that he had deferred 90% of his salary to assist the club in managing the financial challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Owen Farrell, Captain of England kicks the penalty during the Summer Nations Series Match between England and Wales at Twickenham, London on 12 Aug 2023 (Photo: Tom Sandberg/PPAUK)