Manu Tuilagi's nephew Posolo could be in trouble after 'throwing punch' against Scotland - Ruck

Manu Tuilagi’s nephew Posolo could be in trouble after ‘throwing punch’ against Scotland

In a nail-biting clash at Murrayfield, France emerged victorious over Scotland in the Six Nations, but controversy marred the game as a potential try went unresolved.

Despite replays hinting at a touchdown amidst a chaotic scramble, referee Nic Berry’s call of no-try stood, leaving fans frustrated.

Adding fuel to the fire, an unreviewed incident involving Posolo Tuilagi’s alleged punch stirred further debate, casting a shadow over an intense encounter.

Fans weren’t sure what they made of the clip with opinions varying on the incident.

One fan sarcastically commented: “Wouldn’t be like a Tuilagi to throw a dig.”

Another said: “Possibly, can’t see if it connects from this angle/on my phone screen. Hopefully it will be picked up.”

A third wrote: “Doesn’t look great, but nothing clear and definitive on this angle.”

“Ridiculous post trying to create controversy out of nothing.” said a fourth.

Another commented: “I think everyone who has seen Posolo play more than once know that he definitely didn’t punch anyone. Edit: Would be completely out of character, and especially on that stage. Such a shy guy.”

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“Back from injury” – Steve Borthwick to recall four England stars for Scotland clash

Exploring potential additions to the squad ahead of their clash with Scotland in two weeks time, we pinpoint three players whom the England boss should consider calling up.

#1. Manu Tuilagi

After narrowly defeating Wales, Borthwick confirmed that the formidable centre was on the verge of returning from injury. It’s evident that England is currently lacking a robust ball carrier in the midfield, and with Ollie Lawrence presumably still recovering, Tuilagi appears to be the logical choice.

Tuilagi sat out the beginning of the tournament due to a groin injury sustained in Sale’s triumph over Saracens in December. The 32-year-old played a crucial role in England’s midfield during the recent World Cup, making it probable that Borthwick will call upon him for the upcoming match at Murrayfield.

During the World Cup, Tuilagi faced setbacks, breaking his hand twice – first in England’s encounter with Samoa and then in the third-place playoff against Argentina. Throughout his career, he has grappled with a persistent groin issue in its early stages and more recently encountered challenges with both hamstrings.