Mike Tindall tackles Jungle Speak Uneasy, 'drinks blended pig penis like a royal' - Ruck

Mike Tindall tackles Jungle Speak Uneasy, ‘drinks blended pig penis like a royal’

It was bottoms up for rugby legend Mike Tindall and Lioness Jill Scott as they head to the jungle ‘Speak Uneasy’ for tonight’s Bushtucker trial.

The pair, who were drinking a variety of disgusting cocktails, bagged 10 stars in a terrific performance

Returning from the clip, Scott hilariously told campmates: “Don’t got drinking with Mike Tindall,”

During the trial, Dec told Tindall ‘that’s the cheese fruit, the vomit fruit there’, while handing over the glass.

Tindall then jokes: ‘Fortunately I can’t smell anything through my nose anyway’

At another point Ant asked ‘What you going for Mike?’ to which he responded ‘I’m gonna try the minge for sure’.

Asked later what drinking the blended pig penis was like, he responded: “Pure pork scratchings if pork scratchings tasted like shit”


One fan wrote: “Watching I’m a Celeb and I’m supposed to be worried that *professional rugby player* Mike Tindall is going to be phased by a pint of unidentified liquid?”

Another said: “My favourite trial of the series so far!! Smashed it and my new favourite comedy duo! Jill “I know my penises” Scott & Mike “I’m sure it’ll taste quacking” Tindall,”

“Jill Scott and Mike Tindall. Absolutely brilliant together, I want to see these guys do celeb cyclone surely! They’d spend half of it laughing,” commented a third.

A fourth fan commented: “Let’s be honest Tindall necked worse than this on the flight back home from Oz in 2003.”



Earlier in the episode:

Earlier in the episode, Sue Cleaver broke down in tears and was comforted by pal Tindall during tonight’s episode.

The actress, who plays Eileen Grimshaw in the ITV soap, felt overwhelmed at the start of Sunday night’s instalment.

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