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“Misses it here” – Eddie Jones linked with emotional return to old role

Eddie Jones’s experience and track record at World Cups is not lost on Rugby Australia as they start preparation for a home tournament in 2027.

It was confirmed on thursday that the Aussies will host the men’s showpiece in 2027 with the USA also winning the race to have the 2031 edition.

The England boss, who has also been linked with coaching the USA for their home Rugby World Cup in 2031, has reportedly held talks already with Racing 92 over a post 2023 Rugby World Cup role.

Having been a part of the Springboks 2007 winning coaching staff, Jones also led the Wallabies and England to finals in 2003 and 2019 respectively.

His departure in 2005 was acrimonious but the 2027 bid team have expressed a desire to have Jones on board. 

“No, not at the moment,” said Wallabies legend Phil Kearns in an interview with Rugby Pass.

“Eddie has got a job until next year.

” However, Eddie has got an amazing coaching brain and the motivation for Eddie all the way along is to improve the individual performance of a player and then that rolls into your team. That is a great motivation to have.

“Everyone wants to come out the other side of something having improved. No one wants to go backwards and that is a great driver from Eddie. He has done an amazing job with England, he did a great job with Australia over the years and he is a person who has also grown and I think it would be great. His heart is still with Australia and we would love to have him.

“This isn’t just me but other people in Australia have mentioned the same thing. He does have a reputation as being hard but he has also got a reputation of being a great coach.”

Kearns had also told The Guardian previously: “I think it would be awesome if Eddie had a role in the future of Australian rugby. I think those [broken] bridges should well and truly be rebuilt and pave the way for Eddie to come back in some role.”


 Eddie Jones’ five most infamous foul mouthed outbursts

Eddie Jones is notorious for his wicked temper and dressing room outbursts during his time as England boss.

#1. Mike Brown

The former England fullback has placed Eddie Jones’ man-management under scrutiny after claiming he was on the receiving end of a foul-mouthed rant from the head coach when being told he was not going to the 2019 World Cup.

“I said to him, ‘Look, I understand selection is what it is, but don’t put it on that. You haven’t even asked me what happened. With all due respect, I didn’t really do anything. I don’t feel like it was my fault. I hadn’t drunk much, two drinks or whatever. There were people in a worse state than me and I was just trying to mind my own business’.

“So he just switched and turned on me, effing and blinding. It wasn’t nice.

“Just be a man and say what is the reason I’m not getting picked. Don’t try to put it on that, because it’s not that. It’s pretty clear and obvious that it’s not that.

“I asked him to tell me what he thinks happened and he said, ‘My security guards were there, they told me what happened’.

“I said, ‘Let me see what they’ve said has happened’, because he said he had written reports. He wouldn’t give me that.

“He said, ‘Who the F do you think you are?’ because I was going back at him and he doesn’t like that.

“It’s a shame it ended up like that. I wanted clarity on why I wasn’t getting picked, not some made-up excuse.”


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