"Misses Rest of Pool Stages" - World Rugby Confirm Ban of Uruguay's Eric Dosantos - Ruck

“Misses Rest of Pool Stages” – World Rugby Confirm Ban of Uruguay’s Eric Dosantos

World Rugby have confirmed that Uruguay loose forward Eric Dosantos has received a three match suspension, for his dangerous tackle on Nambia’s Adrian Booysen. Dosantos only received a yellow card in Lyon, with the offence sighted after the match by an independent Disciplinary Committee.

The flanker will miss out on Uruguay’s final pool stage match against the All Blacks, and two important matches in the Uruguay Premeir Division for Lobos. Dosantos’ club side are in the play-off quarter-finals of their domestic competition, and will miss their international-capped back-rower.

In an official statement, World Rugby discussed the 28-year-old’s disciplinary hearing.

“Uruguay’s Eric Dosantos attended an independent Disciplinary Committee hearing after he was cited for an act of foul play contrary to Law 9.13 (dangerous tackle) in Uruguay’s Rugby World Cup 2023 Pool A match against Namibia on 27 September.

“The independent Disciplinary Committee was chaired by Jennifer Donovan (Ireland), joined by former player Stefan Terblanche (South Africa) and former referee Val Toma (Romania).

“The player accepted that there had been head contact, that he was upright in the tackle and that he had committed an act of foul play which had a high degree of danger which met the red card threshold. However, the player submitted that mitigation should be applied on the basis that the player was attempting to effect a passive/soak tackle as opposed to a dynamic/forceful tackle.

“Having considered all the available evidence, including the application of World Rugby’s Head Contact Process, the submissions by the player and his representatives, and all available camera angles and technology, the independent Committee determined that:

  1. A reckless act of foul play had occurred
  2. Head contact had occurred
  3. The degree of danger was high
  4. There had been forwards and upwards movement of the player into the tackle and on balance the tackle could therefore not be considered to be passive
  5. The citing was therefore not wrong and was upheld.

“On that basis and in considering the sanction, the independent Committee applied World Rugby’s mandatory minimum mid-range entry point for foul play resulting in head contact (six matches). Taking all considerations into account, including the player’s disciplinary record, the independent Committee determined mitigation of three matches was appropriate, resulting in a final sanction of three matches to be applied.”