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“Much-needed transparency” – Sir Clive Woodward demands changes to Rugby World Cup refereeing

Following nearly a fortnight of competition in France, Sir Clive Woodward has delivered his evaluation of the officiating at the Rugby World Cup.

The 67-year-old Woodward expressed his dissatisfaction with the inconsistent decision-making regarding head contact and acknowledged that the Rugby World Cup officials have not performed up to par thus far.

Tom Curry of England, Romain Taofifenua, Jesse Kriel, and Martin Sigren were all implicated in incidents involving high tackles or head contact, yet their punishments varied.

Woodward is of the opinion that officials should have the opportunity to communicate with the media to clarify the rationale behind their decisions, which would introduce much-needed transparency to the process.

Referees have a tough job, and we all make mistakes,” Woodward told the Daily Mail.
What I’d prefer to see, however, is increased accountability, with those in charge of making decisions on the field as well as those who sit on disciplinary panels off it coming forward to discuss their reasoning.

“I fail to understand why the media shouldn’t be permitted to speak with referees or other match officials after the game. That would, in my opinion, increase much-needed transparency.

“It would also provide some insight into the decision-making process for fans who are perplexed by what is happening. In the pool games this weekend, hopefully the emphasis on the refereeing decreases.”


Martin Johnson dream team:


Fullback: Serge Blanco (France) – “A great France full back who dominated games.”

Winger: Joe Roff (Australia) – “You’d put David Campese up there but Roff is my choice. A fantastic all-round rugby player, and old-style wing.”

Winger: Jonah Lomu (New Zealand) – “Not much difficulty in choosing one of the most awesome wings to have ever played.”


Outside-centre: Philippe Sella (France) – “I used to watch him as a kid on TV and think he was brilliant; and then ten years later I played against him and he was still brilliant. He still looks as if he could play for France today. One of the best backs I’ve ever seen. If you hit him it was like running into concrete.”

Inside-centre: Danie Gerber (South Africa) – “Scored a hat-trick against England in the first half in one match in the 1980s. He didn’t play many Tests because of apartheid, but he had power and pace. I don’t know if he could pass: it seemed like he never needed to. I played against him in a charity match in 1996 when he must have been well into his 40s, he was still awesome.”