"My f***ing choice" - Stuart Hogg fires back at 'fans' comments with foul-mouthed post - Ruck

“My f***ing choice” – Stuart Hogg fires back at ‘fans’ comments with foul-mouthed post

Stuart Hogg has let everybody know what he thinks following a foul-mouthed response to taunting rugby ‘fans’.

The Scotland fullback, who received a number of messages during their clash with Fiji over the weekend, made his thoughts on the issue clear.

Taking to Instagram, Hogg wrote: “Ok. I get it. I find it incredibly frustrating and annoying that my appearance has somehow taken over my ability to play rugby according to ‘fans’ of the game.

“My hair. My teeth. My f**king choice with what I do. No matter how many time it’s heckled, written, commented on. I will continue to be me. Why? Because I’ve every f**king right to.

“I have a man bun. I have had dental treatment. Five over. It’s oldness. Find something more interesting to do with your lives.”

Stuart Hogg post:

Stuart Hogg facts:

  1. Hogg got married in 2016 to long-term partner Gill and they have three children together, Archie, Olivia and George.
  2. JK Rowling once said Hogg would be a squib in the Harry Potter universe, which means he is wizard born with no magical powers. However, the author later changed her statement and said the Scottish star would be a wizard.
  3. Hogg received back-to-back Player of the Six Nations awards, in 2016 and 2017
  4. His guilty pleasure is watching Countdown and he says: “I’m the king of three- or four-letter words.”
  5. Hogg’s brother Graham played for Scotland in the World Sevens Series

“Exeter exodus” – Chiefs could lose five key players next summer

Exeter director of rugby Rob Baxter certainly has a tough balancing act on his hands to keep his squad intact ahead of the 2023/24 season.

Director fo Rugby Rob Baxter had to let the likes of Jonny Hill, Sam Skinner and Tom O’Flaherty leave the club this summer after being unable to match their wage offers elsewhere due to the reduced £5m salary cap all Premiership clubs are operating under this season.

The potential departure of at least one club stalwart and as many as five next summer means it could be the end of an era at Sandy Park.

#1. Jack Nowell

The Rugby Paper report the star winger’s CV is currently doing the rounds in the French Top 14 with the 29-year-old out of contract at Sandy Park at the end of the season.

Responding to the speculation, Nowell has revealed he’d love to stay at Sandy Park, but added he must always put his ‘family first’.

Speaking exclusively to The Telegraph, he said: “I won’t go to another Premiership side,”

“I want to stay at Exeter, but I’m out of contract, there’s stuff going on with the salary cap and I’ve got a growing family. And I’ll be 30 after the World Cup. I’m in talks with the club at the moment; ideally I’d stay but I’m not too sure what’s going on. The first thing for me is my family.

“My only option if I’m in England is to stay. France, Japan… I went out to Japan for the World Cup – it was an amazing country. I’d like to give Japan a go over France but, obviously, anything could happen.

“There will potentially be a time when I go somewhere else but my roots are here and I’d always end up back here. At the same time, I am quite ‘out there’ as a person and I like my family to be like that so, if I’m given the chance to experience something else with them, then I have to take it.

“The flipside is, if I can get stuff sorted here and I’m still in a position where I can look after the family. I love the club dearly and my main option would be to stay, if I can get something sorted.”