New Zealand Amateur Club Player Receives 36 Week Ban after Attacking Opponent - Ruck

New Zealand Amateur Club Player Receives 36 Week Ban after Attacking Opponent

An amateur rugby player in Canterbury, New Zealand, has received a staggering 36 week ban after attacking an opposition player. The incident took place in an Ellesmere Division Two club match, in the rural town of Southbridge on May 27th.

New Zealand news outlet Stuff.NZ reported how Burnham Dunsandel Irwell RFC player Jayden Manson Good​ “inflicted serious injuries” on Southbridge player Shane Taylor. Manson Good is reported to have avoided an on-field sanction, due to the referee not witnessing the attack.

However, the player was later cited for the incident, and issued with the eight and a half month ban. Whilst the details of the attack have remained confidential, Taylor’s injuries are believed to include “concussion, a fractured trachea and a broken nose. In addition to having to be taken to hospital to receive medical treatment, he had to take leave from his job to recover.”

Ellesmere Rugby chairman Chris Thornley criticised Mason Good’s ​actions, and condemned the aggressive act of foul play.

“It’s untenable that there is this sort of violence in rugby, and it has to be stopped,” Thornley said.

“We never like to see these things. These games are family-orientated, and it’s obviously not setting a good example.”

Thornley was also concerned about the behaviour of spectators, and the issue of abuse to referees and players in the amateur game. “It is getting out of control.”

“That also has to stop. It is not just the players that can be held accountable,” Thornley said.

“Spectators can receive the same punishments as players. It is just a shame that we have to suspend people to get the message across.”