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“Niche market” – Chris Ashton confirms post-rugby career plans

Chris Ashton wants to coach young wings the art of try-scoring when the time comes for the record Premiership scorer to hang up his boots.

“As you get older, you understand and reflect on why you are putting yourself in certain situations,” revealed Ashton.

“My time at Saracens opened my eyes to the level of detail and finding out how situations in rugby come about. A lot of them don’t just happen.

“There is talent in there but it’s not instinctive, you’re reading the game and being ahead of the game and I’m hoping that I can pass on some of that.

“It does take time to understand how you get yourself in a situation [by] being instinctive and ahead of the game, reading it before it happens. Anyone can do that really, it’s just being alive to it quicker.”


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Following in the footsteps of his father Andy – who is currently head coach of Ireland – Farrell intends to go into coaching. Already in the middle of his coaching badges, he took centre stage as Mark McCall’s right hand man during their recent 18-12 win against Sale Sharks.


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