Nigel Owens calls for three 'much-needed' law changes in 2022 - Ruck

Nigel Owens calls for three ‘much-needed’ law changes in 2022

Legendary referee Nigel Owens has put together a three-point plan to make rugby more entertaining heading into 2022.

#1. Crooked feeds must go

Owens wrote in his column for The Telegraph: “Some of the scrum-feeds from both sides – particularly in the second half by Cobus Reinach – were beyond a joke.

“I must say that I have been as guilty of not giving enough free-kicks for crooked feeds as any referee, but it has to be stopped as soon as possible now. Scrum-halves simply have to put the ball into scrums in an acceptable manner.

“Everyone you speak to about it wants feeds to be straight. Brian Moore has been making the point for years and I agree with him. Everyone comments on it, and there is no excuse. It has been allowed to creep in, after a brief crackdown a couple of years ago.”


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