Nigel Owens has weighed in on the Fairytale of New York debate

Debate over the lyrics to Fairytale of New York has dominated conversation this week.

An Irish DJ brought the discussion to the fore when he said, after discussion with his staff, that he felt it would be appropriate to censor the word “f***ot,” just as it would be if it featured in a modern day song.

Popular rugby referee and LGBT activist Nigel Owens has weighed in on the debate. On his official Twitter page, Owens wrote: “Seriously now if we dont stand up to this stupidity then society is broken. The world has gone PC mad. If your so easliy offended by something then dont bloody listen to it and switch it off or change channels.

“And the simple solution to this PC madness is lets us all sensible people stop listening to any platform that censors this song. They will then realise how bloody stupid they will have been.”

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