Nine Odd, Funny or Excessive Pieces of Rugby Merchandise - Ruck

Nine Odd, Funny or Excessive Pieces of Rugby Merchandise

Today’s list is dedicated to the most outrageously excessive rugby team store purchases.

Because, every once in a while, you find yourself walking into a team store and wondering, “What need would a person possibly have for a Harlequins garden gnome?”

If you’ve found some equally bizarro team store goods, please share with us in the comments.

The Lawn Gnomes 

What we found surprising isn’t the fact that rugby garden gnomes existed, but the fact that there were so many different designs.

In addition to the Bristol gnome pictured on this slide, you can also find versions with a gnome sliding in a goal celebration, tackling each other and the ‘classic pose’ gnome.


WRU Ice scraper

Got a new driver in the family? Why not get them an ice scraper emblazoned with the a Wales logo?

While we can’t deny the importance of keeping an ice scraper in one’s car at all times, nor can we stress enough the dangers of an icy car, we’re just wondering who actually took the time to think of marketing ice scrapers with the WRU logo on.

England Beef Biltong – Peri Peri

This might be tasty, but we’re baffled. Don’t worry, there are three different flavours. Get your orders in now, ha-ha.