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“Not good enough” – Scottish Rugby release statement on the future of boss Gregor Townsend

Scottish Rugby remains optimistic about Gregor Townsend’s ability to enhance the national team’s Six Nations displays.

However, chairman John McGuigan expresses disappointment, branding this year’s campaign as “not good enough”.

“We’ve kicked around third and fourth place in the Six Nations,” McGuigan said.

“And from that point of view we need to elevate our position from there.

“We still have confidence in Gregor that he can do it, that he’s got the right coaching staff, he’s got the right team in place and we need to go with it just now. That’s what we believe to be the right thing to do.”

“Talking as a fan: not good enough,” he added. “We should have done a lot better. No-one is happy with fourth place in the Six Nations.

“We certainly went into it thinking we could win it or be second. So to come out fourth is a disappointment all round.

“[But I want] to put to bed some of the nonsense about whether people are focused enough.

“I think coaches, players, support staff… everyone wants Scotland to do better than they are doing currently and that commitment is absolutely there to be seen on a day-to-day basis.

“In terms of attitude, I think it’s good. In terms of results, we continually have to work at it because that was not a good tournament for us.”

Six Nations Sack Race Odds:

#6. Andy Farrell (Ireland) – 15/1

Ireland team to play New Zealand

#5. Gonzalo Quesada (Italy) – 12/1