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“Not O’Gara” – Brian O’Driscoll picks his next Ireland head coach

Brian O’Driscoll has expressed a surprising opinion, stating that Paul O’Connell should be considered as the future head coach for Ireland, rather than Ronan O’Gara, the current La Rochelle boss.

During his appearance on Off The Ball, the former Leinster star explicitly indicated that O’Gara would not be his preferred candidate to succeed Andy Farrell whenever the opportunity presents itself.

“I do not see a situation where ROG is going to be managing Ireland before Paulie (Paul O’Connell),” Brian O’Driscoll said.

“I think that progression piece is all important to teams and definitely from an international point of view, particularly if you have had success.

“The progression of Andy from the great stuff that Joe Schmidt did, and bringing in his coaching ticket has been huge.

“I’m sure he would say that it’s not like he tore up the play sheet and started afresh. He took lots of the success with him.”

Brian O’Driscoll’s Dad receives Ireland cap following sons campaign

The IRFU has announced that 12 players, including Frank O’Driscoll, father of Irish rugby legend Brian O’Driscoll, will be awarded caps for their participation in games that were not classified as International Test Matches.

Frank O’Driscoll had played twice for Ireland in 1970 on a tour of Argentina, but was not awarded a cap at the time as the matches were considered non-Test games.

However, a special committee of the IRFU has conducted a thorough examination of the history of capped and uncapped games, and has decided to honor O’Driscoll and the other 11 players by officially awarding them an Ireland cap and enrolling them in the list of international players.

In fact, Brian O’Driscoll had previously called for a cap for his father back in 2014, taking to Twitter to say, “Congrats to all the new caps on tour. In 1970 Ireland toured Argentina with one Frank O’Driscoll. 2 Tests, no cap. IRFU need to put it right.”

List of names, Clubs at the time, Year Capped & Ireland Cap Number:

Jack Belton (Old Belvedere) 1946 – #1142
Hugh Dolan (UCD) 1946 – #1143
Harry Greer (NIFC) 1946 – #1144
Jack Guiney (Bective Rangers) 1946 – #1145
Des Thorpe (Old Belvedere) 1946 – #1146
Paul Traynor (Clontarf) 1952 – #1147
John Birch (Ballymena) 1970 – #1148
Frank O’Driscoll (UCD) 1970 – #1149
Leo Galvin (Athlone) 1973 – #1150
Emmet O’Rafferty (Wanderers) 1976 – #1151
Rab Brady (Ballymena) 1985 – #1152
Paul Clinch (Lansdowne) 1989 – #1153

Brian O’Driscoll names his 5 toughest opponents – includes two England legends

5. Ma’a Nonu (New Zealand)

Known initially more for his braided hair and eyeliner, he added passing and kicking to his raw line-breaking power to become one of the great centres, capping his Test career with that superb World Cup final try.

Brian O’Driscoll SAID: “Same height as me [5-foot-11] and still 16-stone. Probably the most complete centre in the modern game.”

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