One Premiership ground doesn't meet criteria to restart season - Ruck

One Premiership ground doesn’t meet criteria to restart season

Premiership Rugby is auditing its clubs’ grounds to look for suitable venues to host rugby union’s restart.

According to the BBC, Twickenham and Wasps’ Ricoh Arena – while not ruled out – do not meet all the criteria.

The Coventry-based ground lacks the nearby training facilities required while Twickenham is currently being used by the NHS.

  • Safety: a venue that is as bio-secure as possible and has enough space for the extra medical facilities required.
  • A pitch that can withstand a series of matches in one weekend.
  • Training facilities in the vicinity.
  • Room for more than two teams to change and prepare.

Hosting the matches at a neutral ground outside of the 12 Premiership venues has been considered, but it is understood this is unlikely as the rugby authorities want control of the venue throughout the week for safety reasons.

With nine rounds of fixtures remaining, the preference remains to stage whole rounds of games at one venue for safety and logistical reasons.

Leicester Tigers Welford Road is the early favourite, according to RUCK sources to host the matches.

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