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Owen Farrell slammed for ‘backchat’ caught over referee’s mic

Owen Farrell has come under fire for openly criticising the match official after his words were picked up by the referee’s microphone.

It was a special day for the England captain who was winning his 100th cap for his country as they recorded a 25-25 draw with the All Blacks.


Farrell could be heard saying to Mathieu Raynal: “You’re only looking for one team, ref.”

Raynal responded: “I’m looking for both.”

To which Farrell said: “Doesn’t feel like it.”

This was the second time during the weekend that such a comment was picked up. Earlier in the day, referee Matt Carley was forced to issue a warning to South Africa captain Siya Kolisi after South Africa hooker Bongi Mbonambi demands that the English official ‘referees both sides’.

One fan wrote: “Owen Farrell really have to be careful here, he’s certainly not going to get on the right side of this referee this way”

“Farrell’s captaincy really doesn’t endear referees to him, does it?,” said a second.

A third thought the incident differed, writing: “They aren’t analogous. Farrell is the captain and entitled to speak to the referee – and he did so respectfully. Mbonambi wasn’t and didn’t.”


1. He started off in Rugby League

His education began in rugby league – he joined Wigan St Patricks at the age of eight.

2. School days

It’s well known that the Saracens star went to school with England teammate George Ford, however, it’s less well known that he went onto study Business at Hertfordshire University.

3. Celebration

Farrell celebrates every point he scores by linking his index fingers together to make a ‘JJ’ sign, the Joining Jack salute, Joining Jack being a charity dedicated to the needs of sufferers of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.[ Farrell is also a patron for Duchenne muscular dystrophy charity Duchenne UK.