Owen Farrell was emotional as special guest showed up in Saracens dressing room - Ruck

Owen Farrell was emotional as special guest showed up in Saracens dressing room

Former England captain Owen Farrell was visibly emotional as he received a heartfelt tribute from a very special guest, marking his 250th game for Saracens.

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Teenager Jack Johnson, who battles Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a condition that confines him to a wheelchair, entered the dressing room to honour his close friend Farrell.

Despite his physical limitations, Jack’s admiration for Farrell and his resilience shone through as he addressed the rugby star.

“Owen, where to start?,” Jack began. “First of all, I’m so proud of you for reaching 250 games for Saracens.

“Your hard work and dedication has inspired me and has taught me how I need to tackle my own battle with Duchenne. You have taught me that I should never give up and believe hard work pays off.”

Expressing gratitude for Farrell’s efforts in raising awareness for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy through the ‘JJ salute’ and his support for the charity Joining Jack.

Jack continued: “I would also like to say a massive thanks for the awareness you have created for Joining Jack and Duchenne UK by doing the ‘JJ salute’. You have put Duchenne on an international stage.”

In response, Farrell, visibly moved, listened attentively to Jack’s words. “You are my number one role model and the greatest of all time and most importantly, thanks for being my friend,” Jack concluded.

Owen Farrell reveals the rugby players he doesn’t like:

England fly-half Owen Farrell is never afraid of sharing an opinion or two โ€“ especially when itโ€™s about someone he doesnโ€™t particularly like.

#1. Ryan Wilson

The Scotland back-rower was the instigator in some tunnel argy-bargy when the players returned to the changing rooms after the warm-up back in 2018 with Farrell at the centre.

Footage of the incident shows all hell breaking loose when Farrell barged his way past a number of Scotland players to confront Wilson, who had been attempting to get inside the head of George Ford.

Remembering the incident, Marler said: “It’s become an incredibly hostile rivalry (England and Scotland) and I love it. The niggle goes back to the night in 2018 when Ryan Wilson picked on George Ford in the tunnel.

“Unfortunately, I was plodding back with a belly full of cheese toastie so I was nowhere near to intervene when Wilson started dishing it out in his thick Scottish-Surrey accent.”

Wilson later revealed he was banned from Twickenham following the incident.

โ€œI remember that game, I was actually injured and after tunnel-gate, after everything that happened in the tunnel against England, Iโ€™d lined up a corporate gig at Twickenham,โ€ he recalled to Rugby Pass in November.

โ€œHad it all lined up, a little bit of cash, all excited, only to get a message back saying the RFU have banned you from Twickenham Stadium after everything that happened the year before.”