Paul O’Connell had a few choice words for a young Owen Farrell in 2013 - Ruck

Paul O’Connell had a few choice words for a young Owen Farrell in 2013

Paul O’Connell has long been known for his inspirational words. Having toured with the British & Irish Lions in 2005, 2009 & 2013 – the Ireland legend was always one of the main voices on and off the pitch.

During the 2013 tour, O’Connell spoke of his amazement at the level of drive and dedication in the young Owen Farrell, even stating that he was setting an example for the most senior members of the squad.

“I think it’s funny that one of the youngest guys on the team, O Farrell, is the one that’s driving everyone on though.”

“Ya know, we all need to add that extra little bit to our game lads and become a team and push each other around the corner all the time. Push each other to get off the ground. Every little thing we do.”

“The guy is 22 years of age, barking at everyone, driving everyone around the pitch. We should all be f*cking doing it.”

Reacting to the clip, one fan said: “Ahh look at how many of the boys looked right at Paul when he said “I’ll play for you all day.” What a leader, what a moment.”

“Every time I hear ‘I’ll play for you all day’ the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. What a leader,” commented another.

A third added: “When he talks everyone listens…Everyone looks up to him and respects him and behind it all he’s a gent..Love the way Mako is just looking at him”


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