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‘People think I leaked that video” – Rassie Erasmus breaks his silence after ban

South Africa’s director of rugby Rassie Erasmus was banned from all rugby activity for two months after being found guilty of misconduct.

World Rugby charged Erasmus for his behaviour towards match officials during the British and Irish Lions series this summer.

Six charges have now been upheld.

“An independent misconduct committee has found that behaviour displayed by SA Rugby Director of Rugby Rassie Erasmus towards match officials during this year’s test series between South Africa and the British and Irish Lions constituted misconduct,” a statement from World Rugby said.

However, now Erasmus has broken his silence on the controversial ban and video he made but insists he didn’t post..

‘I want people to know that I’m not this monster that I’ve been portrayed as,’ he revealed to the Mail Online.

”Listen, I have never been a suit-and-tie guy who claims to be a saint, I have never said I will be a life coach. I have never had slogans like ‘better people make better rugby players’. I have never said I’m the world’s greatest father. Yeah, I’ve always been a bit naughty and enjoyed a giggle but I’ve always been an honest guy.


‘People think I leaked that video. I didn’t. Who leaks something like that? Why would I screw up my whole career to do that? I’ve got twin girls, 18 years old, who are at school and they hear other parents telling them how their dad had f***** it all up. 

‘My mum is at an old-age home and they’re showing her articles saying, “Rassie’s lost it, he’s got depression, he’s drunk”. They think those things because they are indoctrinated that I leaked that video. I want to tell the world that, swearing on my youngest child’s life, I did not leak that video. 

‘Many people have already made up their mind. How do you change people’s perception when World Rugby have found me guilty and banned me for 12 months? I don’t want people to feel sorry for me. I just want them to know what really happened.’

5 of the biggest scandals in rugby history following Rassie Erasmus ban


It was a military-style “boot camp” organized as a “team building” exercise for the South African national rugby union team, the Springboks (or Boks), during their preparation for the 2003 Rugby World Cup (RWC). Details of the camp emerged in the South African media, resulting in protest from the upper administrative levels of South African rugby.

  • The team was ordered to climb into a foxhole naked and sing the national anthem while ice-cold water were being poured over their heads. During their time in the hole, recordings of God Save the Queen (used as England‘s national anthem) and the New Zealand All Blacks haka were played at full volume.
  • It was confirmed that firearms were present at the camp, although reports varied as to whether they were ever pointed at anyone.
  • The players were forced to crawl naked across gravel.
  • They also were ordered to spend a night in the bush, during which they were to kill and cook chickens, but not eat them.


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