Piers Morgan weighs in on debate after Marler grabbed Jones by the balls

England ace Joe Marler stunned Welsh star Alun Wyn Jones as he appeared to grab his genitals during their Six Nations clash.

The clip immediately went viral on social media. Some found it hilarious, including Marler’s former England teammate James Haskell who labelled the prop “a genius” for his hijinks.

Others were shocked by what they considered assault on the field. 

One person who didn’t find it offensive was Piers Morgan, tweeting: “There are now two types of people in the world – those who laughed at this Joe Marler incident, and those who think he should be arrested.

“I’m in the first category. Those in the second are f*cking exhausting.”

He then added the famous image of Vinnie Jones taking Paul Gascoigne by the testicles.

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