"Play on" - Nigel Owens gives verdict on brutal high tackle - Ruck

“Play on” – Nigel Owens gives verdict on brutal high tackle

Retired international referee Nigel Owens amused everyone on Twitter last night as he ran the rule over a brutal high tackle.

It appears that rugby coach Jack Hornibrook was tackled shockingly high by his young son, but that isn’t how the Welshman saw the incident.

Owens responded: “Play on sudden dip by sitting down caused the high tackle . Plus I don’t punish an attempt to give a cwtch (cuddle)”


One follower commented: “As a fellow Dad, I see we’ve all developed the knack of preemptively guarding the crotch.”

“Swinging arm direct contact to the neck and a dominant tackle. No mitigation. Red.” another added.

A third said: “Love it Nigel. As always, outstanding officiating and a fair ruling lol!”


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