Player faces assault charge after kicking rugby rival in face - Ruck

Player faces assault charge after kicking rugby rival in face

Police in the United States have released video of an horrific on-field assault in a university rugby game.

The video below shows an Arizona State University rugby player viscously kicking a University of Arizona player in the face during a game in February earlier this year.

Christopher Crawford walks up to an unsuspecting Douglas Neary, who was bending over tying his boot lace, and delivers a hard kick to the side of his face.

Neary suffered concussion and required facial reconstruction surgery. A metal plate and six screws were inserted in his face.

The 21-year-old  was charged with aggravated assault three days after the rugby match.

He initially refused a request to come to the police headquarters in Tempe, Arizona, allegedly telling police he “was not going to come in and (police) were not going to find him”.


Three days later Crawford surrendered, but was unremorseful, saying he “was not sorry, and was acting in self-defence”, the TV station reported.

He alleges that he was punched by the victim earlier in the match. Police reviewed video of the game and said they observed a shove, but no punch by Neary.

Three referees told police the kick was “the worst thing they have ever seen in their history with rugby”.

Crawford, who says he is not guilty, faces a trial on December 11.