Premiership clubs who breach the salary cap in future Will face stricter punishments

Premiership clubs who breach the salary cap in future could be stripped of titles and face suspensions, according to a damning review of the rules.

Despite being relegated and fined, Saracens were allowed to hold onto their league titles as Premiership Rugby had no power to strip them.

After considering all responses and examining examples of international best practice, Lord Myners has now developed a set of recommendations to improve how the Salary Cap operates. Among the changes proposed in the report, Lord Myners recommends:

  • Greater flexibility for a Disciplinary Panel in relation to the range, and severity, of sanctions to ensure “the punishment fits the crime”, including the availability of sanctions such as suspensions and the removal of titles
  • The promotion of greater transparency, which will broaden and deepen visibility and scrutiny 
  • Greater accountability for the board and the executives of the constituent clubs of Premiership Rugby
  • Greater accountability for the players and their agents 
  • Increased reporting obligations on clubs 
  • Stronger investigatory powers vested in the salary cap manager function and increased resource to perform this function 
  • Making the regulations easier for clubs to understand, and for Premiership Rugby to administer

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