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Premiership Rugby confirm competition is cancelled


Whilst the majority of fans seem capable of keeping their mouths shut and not imitating a drunken farm animal, an increasing number of fans seem to feel the need to make some kind of guttural caveman-like noise every time an opposition kicker takes a kick. Once again – THIS IS NOT FOOTBALL!


Yeah, rugby was loads better when carthorses could smash into the head of skilful players – and also that chain-smoking playmaker from your youth is far superior to modern, super-athletes. That’s definitely how all sport works.


Why must Sky continue to persist with this bumbling idiot? Our poor ears.


We’re looking at you referees, as much as we understand how tough your job is.

However, there should be a standard rule for;

  • How long an advantage should run for
  • What constitutes a scrum infringement
  • At what angle does a player have to enter a ruck to be considered offside
  • What is worthy of a yellow/red card


“He’s finished it really well.” Thanks, mate, we can see that. Tell us what we don’t know.null