Prince Harry ranks his three all-time favourite rugby players - Ruck

Prince Harry ranks his three all-time favourite rugby players

Prince Harry’s love of rugby union has always been there for all to see, but he has now revealed his three favourite rugby players of all-time.

He has always held a particular passion for Rugby, and has worked to improve access to sport for all young people.

The Prince spent part of his 2004 gap year training as an Assistant Development Officer with the Rugby Football Union (RFU). Once qualified he went out to schools and clubs around the country assisting community rugby coaches to teach the game to young people of all ages and from all communities.

Building on this experience, in 2013 Prince Harry became the patron of the Rugby Football Union All Schools Programme. This aims to promote rugby in schools by improving access to facilities and equipment for all children.

Discussing his some of his standout ruggers from his time watching the sport on a recent Zoom Q&A for the Rugby League, he revealed his three personal favourite union players.

His choices are pretty stellar.

3. Jonah Lomu (New Zealand)

Harry said: “Growing up, Lomu was the player who made me fall in love with rugby. A one of the kind, almost mythical figure who will never be forgotten by anyone involved in the sport. The winger was an absolute legend and is sorely missed.”