"Push to the face" - England star escapes red despite 'clear punch to the face' - Ruck

“Push to the face” – England star escapes red despite ‘clear punch to the face’

The Red Roses produced another dominant Women’s Six Nations victory as they beat Ireland 69-0 in front of a second successive record crowd.

The 15,836 Welford Road fans surpassed the record of 14,689 for a ticketed England Women’s home game set in Gloucester.

One controversial incident saw the England scrum-half clash with an Ireland player on the ground with a penalty eventually being reversed in Ireland’s favour.

However, some supporters didn’t believe the punishment fit the crime. You can watch the incident below.

One fan wrote: “Definitely a red card for England 9. A punch is a punch.”

Another added: “This is terrible stuff, why is a punch in the face not a red card, is there different rules for punches and clash of heads, just wondering.”


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