Radical new laws are being trialled to help 'make rugby watchable again' - Ruck

Radical new laws are being trialled to help ‘make rugby watchable again’

The World Rugby Executive Committee has approved new law variations for trial in the Super Rugby AU and Super Rugby Aotearoa competitions that kick-off this month. These include law variations with an ambition to speed up play and improve the spectacle for fans.

Several law variations were implemented in Super Rugby 2020 in Australia and New Zealand (see table below) and will be implemented again in 2021, but additional variations will also be introduced this season at the request of the respective national unions.

World Rugby Acting Chief Executive Alan Gilpin said: “We welcome the opportunity afforded by Rugby Australia and New Zealand Rugby to run trials within their respective domestic Super Rugby competitions in 2021.These trials, which have attractiveness and welfare at heart, build upon encouraging initial trials in 2020 and we look forward to seeing the outcomes.”

All trials will be tracked and evaluated to inform decisions regarding future progression.


RED CARD – ability to replace red-carded player after 20 minutes

GOAL-LINE DROP-OUT for held-up, knock-in in goal or forcing/grounding a ball which is kicking into in-goal. Reward defensive team with a drop-out anywhere on goal-line