Referee Karl Dickson comes under fire for his behaviour at the weekend - Ruck

Referee Karl Dickson comes under fire for his behaviour at the weekend

Referee Karl Dickson has faced criticism for conversing with two French teams in English during the weekend’s European Rugby action.

“A strange occurrence in 2024 when others have learned some French that Karl Dickson is officiating @StadeToulousain v @racing92 in English. Yes, there are English-speaking players, but that’s not the point,” wrote respected rugby journalist Chris Jones, sparking a debate.

One fan responded, “English is the language of International rugby. South Africans don’t get refereed in Afrikaans, Latin Americans don’t get refereed in Spanish. Japanese don’t get refereed in Japanese either. Why is French special.”

Another fan added, “You can’t expect officials to speak every language the game is played in.”

“What about Italian, Welsh, Georgian or Gaelic? Why should France be special? If you don’t use an agreed language, which language would you use first to give an instruction? Shaun Edwards used basic English commands with the French team to help avoid breakdown penalties,” questioned a third.

Some fans supported the criticism. “Should be a prerequisite for international refs to at least be able to communicate, it doesn’t have to be perfect,” stated one.

Another agreed, saying, “Yes, I noticed the same. The best referees in the past, Barnes, Owens took the time to learn some French.”

“Sums up his attitude. Me, me, me,” remarked another.


#5. Chris Robshaw (England)

Former England rugby captain known for his relentless work ethic and leadership on the field. Robshaw’s distinguished career saw him become a stalwart of English rugby, earning accolades for his tenacity in the back row and commitment to the team’s success.

Owens said: Some people will be surprised at this one to start off. His misfortune was perhaps to be leading England during a difficult time, but he always gave everything for the cause, encouraging others to follow suit, and he was a nice guy off the pitch.”