REPORT: Wales close accepting Georgia's request for a play-off match - Ruck

REPORT: Wales close accepting Georgia’s request for a play-off match

Wales has teased the prospect of accepting Georgia’s offer for a match, even suggesting the idea of a double-header against Warren Gatland’s side later this year.

“The Lelos have been pushing for a place in the Six Nations for a number of years now, with talk of them replacing Italy tending to crop up each year,” said Georgia coach Richard Cockerill, acknowledging the aspirations of his team.

In response to Georgia’s proposal, Georgian Rugby president Ioseb Tkemaladze expressed his enthusiasm, stating to the Mail, “It’s my great pleasure to invite our dear friends from Wales to play Georgia in Tbilisi this autumn.”

Tkemaladze continued, “After a thrilling Six Nations and Georgia’s seventh success in a row in Rugby Europe, it’s the fixture rugby fans everywhere are crying out for so I really hope the Welsh can take up our invitation.”

He added, “Of course we’d be equally happy to play them in Cardiff – where we won a famous victory in 2022. Maybe a double-header can be arranged.”

“There is a strong connection between our two proud rugby nations and we have had some exciting contests recently. We are rugby brothers,” Tkemaladze emphasized.

“It would be my honour to host Wales in Tbilisi. I’m confident we would get a record crowd and I would be especially proud to invite Welsh supporters to come and experience our unique Georgian hospitality,” Tkemaladze concluded.

In response to the invitation, the Welsh Rugby Union stated, “We’ll be in touch…” – signalling ongoing discussions regarding the potential matchup.

“Too many prawn sandwich type” – Six Nations fan bases ranked from worst to best

The guys over at Host A Fan have attempted to rank the Six Nations fan bases.

They’ve based their ranking, from most important to least, on six different categories:

  1. Home Stadium Atmosphere 
  2. Passion
  3. Away Support
  4. Online Public Vote
  5. Anthem & Other Songs

Read their full analysis and ranking by CLICKING HERE.

Or check out the brief ranking below:

#6. France4.3

They Said: ” The French also score below-average rating for both Away Support and Home Stadium Atmosphere, the latter not helped by the fact you need a telescope (never mind a pair of binoculars) to see the pitch (never mind the action) from some of the seats at the Stade de France.”

#5. Italy 4.4

They Said: “Like the French, they are let down by Away Support and, most impactfully, Home Stadium Atmosphere, which can often suffer from one-sided, processional performances on the pitch, although thankfully, these are becoming rarer occasions.”