REPORTS | John Barclay set for another retirement u-turn - Ruck

REPORTS | John Barclay set for another retirement u-turn

Scotland international John Barclay has told the BBC’s Rugby Union Weekly Podcast that despite initially planning to retire, he’s having a change of heart.

“It’s given me a nudge to think I would like to play a couple more games,” he said. “But recruitment in rugby has dried up. I’m seeing how things develop over the next few months. Nothing is happening right now so I’ve got to wait and see.

“It’s maybe a bit tricky to find a club potentially, budgets are getting cut, all the clubs are losing money.”

He said of the shutdown of rugby due to Covid-19: “Now this is happened, I feel like it’s not a great way to potentially finish, just peter out and fizzle out into nothing.

“As of now, when my last pay cheque comes in, that’s it. I’m going to go from rugby player to stay-at-home dad and there’s nothing I can do about it. As of a month’s time, full-time baker or stacking shelves in the supermarket, I don’t know.”


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