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REVEALED: South Africa Rugby World Cup jerseys revealed…

ASICS have launched the South Africa Rugby World Cup jersey alongside an all-new brand film ‘What is the difference?’ which offers an inside-look into the dedication, sacrifice and focus it requires for a professional rugby player to be selected to represent his country on the biggest stage that rugby has to offer.

After more than 10 samples with 30 different fabrics, gruelling testing at the lab with the players the new ASICS jerseys feature the technological advancements to give them the edge in Japan with their own unique characteristics, features and story to compliment the playing styles and technical requirements of the Springboks.

After interviewing the players, the strongest voice was the comment from the players that they don’t want to be restricted by anything and want to feel “Unstoppable”.

Based on this feedback and in-game analysis it motivated ASICS to create an unstoppable jersey by making the players aware of any loose fitting or unnecessary tightness of the apparel while playing.

Key features of the new jersey:

· Durable iconic collar

· Fabric is lighter and thinner

· Grip print for ball catching and carrying

· Stretch material feature to provide the anti-grab and easy escape

· Stretch side panel & under arm gusset strategically placed for the mobility of arms

· Side seam for strong binding

· Special pattern for players based on 3D measurement and fitting