Revealed! The stories behind 12 of the strangest rugby player nicknames

 The stories behind 23 of the strangest rugby player nicknames revealed. Find out why they get called these sometimes rude nicknames.

Strangest rugby player nicknames:

1. Billy Bumface – Will Carling

It was his distinctive chiselled chin that saw former England captain Will Carling so dubbed by his team-mates. He’s been called a few other things over the years as well!

2. Sanjay – Liam Williams

It was while he was on holiday in Greece as a small boy that another British family reckoned the Saracens-bound star looked like Sanjay Kapoor, the former market trader from Eastenders! The name stuck.

3. Honey-Badger – Nick Cummins

This was the nickname bestowed on larger-than-life Wallaby winger Nick Cummins after he drew inspiration from the fierce nature of the animal and attempted to think like it in defence.


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