WATCH| Gareth Thomas reveals tabloid journalist was first to tell his parents about HIV status

Gareth Thomas has revealed that the tabloid journalist who threatened to reveal his HIV status to the world was the first person to tell the former rugby star’s parents that he is living with the virus.

“I can never take that moment back. That person came and took that moment away from me.”

Thomas, who promised to ” fight and educate to break the stigma” after being forced to share his HIV status with the world on saturday (14 September), continued: “My parents will say that they’re fine because that’s [who] my parents [are], but I can’t really tell you how they felt because I can’t imagine how they’d feel.

“Can you imagine somebody coming to your door and saying something so personal and so intrusive to you about the person that you love and protect through anything. Can you imagine how that would feel? I can’t.

“All I can tell you is that I have the best parents on the planet, because to this day they stand by me and belive in me, and they believe in what I’m doing now.”

Thomas is set to open up about his journey living with HIV in a BBC documentary, Gareth Thomas: HIV and Me, set to be broadcast tonight at 9pm on BBC One Wales.


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